Do I Need Winter Tires in Toronto: Winter Tires Buying Guide

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Do I Need Winter Tires in Toronto: Winter Tires Buying Guide

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It’s the coldest season of the year once again. A good time to keep ourselves cozy and warm– but how about your car’s winter needs?

Winter in Toronto means that roads will be covered with snow. And any driver can relate to the winter driving challenges it brings. Driving is less manageable and there are more chances of being stranded in snow-packed tracks. 

I know it can be bothersome and you’re probably looking for a solution. Is winter tires the answer to your winter driving needs? Here, you’ll discover…

  • The ultimate winter tires buying guide
  • The perfect time to put winter tires on
  • 3 major reasons why you need winter tires in Toronto

Do I Need Winter Tires In Toronto?​

Yes, you do need winter tires in Toronto. Aside from the fact that this is recommended by Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, winter tires are also needed to have greater flexibility and stability, better brake performance and traction, and displace snow build-up.

3 Major Reasons Why You Need Winter Tires In Toronto​

A way to help your car survive the wet and icy road during the winter is by installing a tire that can withstand this frigid weather. Winter tires will surely take you places, not even snow will stop you. Now, here are the following reasons why winter tires are a must.

#1. Greater flexibility & stability

Just like yin and yang, winter tires have equal greatness when it comes to flexibility and stability. 

The winter tire’s flexibility is due to the consistency of its rubber material. The specific rubber used to make a winter tire is designed to remain flexible during the coldest weather conditions. 

The winter tire’s flexibility allows it to have an excellent grip even on icy and snow-covered roads. On the other hand, it remains stable while it is flexible. How? It is because of the strong carcass ply inside the winter tire. 

Carcass plies are a group of rubber-coated textile cables that are connected to the tire’s rubber. It is responsible for making the tire stronger by providing a shock and pressure-proof structure. 

#2. Provides better brake performance and traction

As the weather becomes cold and the snow starts to fall, the road surface also begins to become wet and slippery. This results in a more challenging driving experience as you maneuver your car slowly to avoid accidents. 

That’s why winter tires are the finest gear for your car during snowy conditions. Winter tires have features that make it easier to stop the car in motion as it provides a greater grasp on the snowy road tracks. 

The increase in the winter tire’s traction and brake performance is due to the following features:

  • Thin channels 
  • Large tire tread patterns
  • Deeper grooves than all-season tires

#3. Prevents excessive snow build-up 

Winter tires are indeed built for the snow. In addition to lasting longer in the cold than regular tires, they can also displace snow build-up as you drive. 

The effectiveness of winter tires depends on their deep treads and large patterns. Since the grooves are large and deep, it is the one that helps displace the snow out of the winter tires. 

Nonetheless, winter tires are a worthwhile expense that can significantly improve your driving safety on icy and frosted roads. 

The Ultimate Winter Tires Buying Guide​

The switch to winter tires has been decided! Now, all you need to know is the ultimate winter tire buying guide to help you with your purchase. The good thing is you only have to follow these steps to buy the best winter tires out there successfully. 

Step 1. Wisely choose where to shop 

Winter tires can be sold anywhere. You may find it online or around your neighborhood. However, the real question is; can they fulfill all your tire needs? Is there a variety of winter tire options available?

Choosing wisely where to shop is your opportunity to make the most of your purchase. Pick the shop that provides great quality winter tires plus offers tire installation services and more. A one-stop shop in other words.  

Still don’t have anything in mind? We can provide you with the best tire change and winter tires sales at Motori Tire Repair Services

Step 2. Shop before the winter season

Shopping for the best winter tires in Canada at your earliest convenience is best. Someone told me before that “It’s better to store before the storm than trying to survive in the midst of it.” In this case, it’s better to prepare before the snow. 

The number one reason is that you can have your tires installed as soon as it’s needed. Panic buying a winter tire will not end on a good note, anyway. 

The second reason is winter tire selection can be limited if you shop way too late. Since others will also need to get their summer tires changed into winter tires, you might be left with a few pieces of leftover inventory or nothing at all. So, save yourself the trouble and try to get winter tires as early as possible. 

Just a heads up, don’t forget to check the tires if you’re buying a used car.  

Step 3. Check for a winter tire symbol

A specific winter tire symbol will be your basis for confirming a legit winter tire. This is also how you will differentiate all-season tires from winter tires.

Transport Canada mentioned that a qualified winter tire in Canada has a particular logo. The symbol indicates that the winter tires for sale passed certain required criteria. 

So when buying winter tires, you must look for an emblem of the 3-peaked mountain with a snowflake inside of it that looks like this:

Step 4. Inspect the tires and rims 

Inspecting the winter tires and rims will help you determine if the winter tires for sale are in good shape. 

You only have to look at 2 important things in the winter tires with rims. The first thing to see is the tire’s tread, the grooves should be deep for a better traction performance. Second, you should see rough textures on the tire’s surface. Otherwise, it is a bad sign that the winter tire has worn down. 

Also, keep in mind that tires and rims might affect the value of your car. Check out How to Get the Best Value from Selling Your Car in Toronto to find more tips.  

Is It Okay To Drive On Regular Tires In The Snow?

While driving on regular tires in the snow is possible, it can not perform at its best during the winter season. Instead, it is great to invest in a good quality winter tire set as it provides greater stability and flexibility, displaces snow build-up, and has better brake performance and traction. 

If you have all-season tires, you may experience difficulty in handling breaks on wet slippery road surfaces during the frigid weather. Another thing is they might not hold up well against deep snow and harsh icy conditions. 

When Do I Put On Winter Tires In Toronto?

In Toronto, you may switch to winter tires based on the 7-for-7 rule of thumb. This can be done by monitoring the temperature. If the temperature is consistently at 7°C for 7 consecutive days, that is your signal to put on winter tires.

Motori can provide you with all your tire and other car needs. Let us help you get down the road while having a safe winter driving adventure.

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