What Are Different Types of Car Detailing Services and Their Benefits

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What Are Different Types of Car Detailing Services and Their Benefits

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Reaching destinations with your car is just one of the many perks of owning a vehicle. However, there are detrimental effects that may occur to your car when used regularly. 

As you drive on different road surfaces under changing weather conditions, it is normal for cars to accumulate dirt, dust, and random debris. Thanks to car detailing services, we offer solutions for keeping a car’s spotless appearance while maintaining its best performance. 

It’s the car owners’ responsibility to know what type of car detailing services their car needs so they can be addressed properly. Let this guide help you in your car care journey. Read on to discover…

  • 7 major car detailing services benefits
  • How often you should do a full car detail
  • The 7 different types of car detailing services
  • And more.

What Are the Different Types of Car Detailing Services?​

The different types of car detailing services are full interior and exterior cleaning, vacuuming, polishing, steam cleaning, shampooing, and stain removal. Improving the car’s performance and increasing its resale value are some of the car detailing benefits. 

The 7 Different Types of Car Detailing Services

Getting your car detailed is a necessary step to maintain and preserve your car’s excellent condition. Understanding and knowing what your car detailing needs are also a part of it. Find them out here in the complete guide to different types of car detailing services.

1. Vacuuming

Aside from keeping your car dust-free, there’s also a need to maintain a hygienic environment in your car’s interior. Not only for you but also for the passengers that are riding in your car, especially if you have children. 

Vacuuming is just one of the ways to achieve a squeaky-clean car interior. Even the tiniest particles of dust, liquids, and food in your car can be removed by vacuuming. 

With this kind of car detailing service, those hard-to-reach nooks and corners of your car are possible to clean. Regular car vacuuming can prevent upholstery damage and allergies that occur. Plus, it saves you from filthy distractions as you drive. 

2. Polishing 

Swirl marks and scratches can decrease your car’s value. A car detailing service such as car polishing will help your car avoid this incident. It will function as a buffer to enhance the shininess and smoothness of the car’s clear coating. 

A car polishing process involves removing coat damages by using a car polisher machine and a polishing fluid. After the buffering, the car’s surface should be covered with wax or sealant as a protective layer. 

3. Shampooing 

Car shampooing and a car wash are often compared side by side. Truth is, shampooing is a type of car detailing that deep cleans a car by hand with the use of high-quality auto cleaning products. While a simple car wash only cleans what’s on the surface.

In shampooing, the car detailer will thoroughly clean your car’s door handle, wheels and rims, windows, rear-view mirrors, windshield, wipers, and other exterior parts. 

4. Steam Cleaning 

When a car is neglected by proper cleaning, dirt, germs, and allergens will habituate on its surface. Steaming is used to get rid of filth that we can and can’t see. 

Another factor is that steam cleaning also sanitizes surfaces and penetrates unreachable areas like dashes, vents, and consoles. 

5. Stain Removal

Car detailing stain removal is the solution to eliminate different vehicle stains such as paint swirls, water, bird splatters, drinks, and paint oxidation. 

These stubborn stains can be a handful, so seeking a trusted car detailer like Motori will provide you with effective solutions. A good car cleaning service will remove stains in your car by using automotive-grade lubricants, treatments, and a top-notch car washing method. 

6. Full interior cleaning

Grime, dust, bacteria, and foul odors are a few of the things that can build up in your car’s interior over time. Fortunately, a full car interior cleaning will prevent it from happening.  

A full interior cleaning is a package provided by all car interior detailing services. It includes vacuuming for in-depth cleaning of small and inaccessible areas, steam cleaning for sanitization, and stain removal for stubborn marks.  

7. Complete exterior cleaning

Cleaning the car’s exterior is more than just for its good appearance. Every exterior car detailing contributes to maintaining the car’s exterior body, overall performance, supporting parts, and paintwork in its finest condition. 

A complete car exterior cleaning involves polishing for a swirl mark and scratch-free surface, shampooing for the outer part’s deep cleaning, and stain removal for keeping a smooth and clean body.

If you’re wondering where you can find a car detailer that provides quality car detailing services, Motori offers any detailing services you need. 

The 7 Key Benefits of Car Detailing Services

Professional maintenance of a clean vehicle has its purpose. But of course, it’s common to think if your car cleaning services equate to your money’s worth. Now, we’ll get into detail about the benefits of car cleaning services. 

1. Exterior preservation

Let’s be honest– what do we look for in cars at first glance? No brainer, the exterior body. Car detailing services keep a car’s outer body in great shape, free from debris, stains, and scratches. 

As a result, your car has a better chance of being sold for a high price in the future. It will be considered a great purchase for second-hand car buyers

If you want to take your car’s exterior preservation to the next level, you may also consider customized auto-design like paint protection film colour wrap & tinting. 

2. Interior protection

Damaged upholstery and other interior car parts are expensive to repair. With regular car cleaning services, you may protect your car’s interior and preserve its lifespan. 

3. Eliminates odor 

Foul odors in your car may come from a lot of things but mostly due to particle build-ups. Vacuuming, steam cleaning, and stain removal are effective ways to eliminate funky scents.

4. Deep clean 

When it comes to deep interior and exterior car wash, you’ll get the most benefit for your health. Remember how great it feels to lay on newly washed sheets? That could be the same in a car that’s gone through a car detailing service. 

You won’t have to deal with allergens, bacteria, odors, and grime anymore. Your car will be much safer, more enjoyable to drive, and have a greater ventilation system. 

5. Stain prevention 

You won’t have to deal with stubborn stains when removed immediately. If you get your car detailed consistently on time, you will prevent stains from lingering in your car. 

6. Improves car performance 

Keeping a car clean improves a vehicle’s performance in terms of easier navigation without distraction, better engine performance, and extension of car parts’ life.

7. Increases vehicle value

You’ll get the best value for your car if it is maintained well. Otherwise, problems such as paint scratches, funky interior odors, upholstery stains, rusty finish, and other exterior and interior damages might arise. 

How Often Should You Do a Full Car Detail?

You should do a full car detail by the rule of thumb which is 2 to 3 times a year, every 4 or 6 months. It’s also best to keep in mind that as the season changes, your car may get damaged. It’s better to get your car detailed at the end of winter, summer, fall, and spring. This allows your car to freshen up as a new season comes.

Is Car Detailing Worth the Money?

Yes, car detailing is worth your money. Aside from helping your car prevent even more serious damages, the benefits your vehicle will get from car detailing services are exterior preservation, interior protection, odor elimination, deep cleaning, and stain prevention. It will also improve the car’s performance and resale value.

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