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Coming from a group of automotive enthusiasts who share a passion for cars and autosports. 

Partnered with Diamond Motorsports, and M&S Racing. Motori Autogroup is a host of multiple successful lapping events. Objective is with hopes to share the fun and experience of vehicle performance driving to our partners, staff and clients. 

All prepaid/at the door track fees are not refundable. Your spot is always reserved for that event you signed up.
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2022 SMP Shannonville Track

2021 SMP Shannonville Track

2019 SMP Shannonville Track

2018 SMP Shannonville Track


We share car buying advice, events, car reviews, and auto industry news.

Locations: 21, 27 Harlech Court, Thornhill, Ontario, L3T6L5
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About us

With a top in class facility and expert staff  we bring the best of quality and service to you for your vehicle customization and detailing. Partnered with the Motori Autogroup partners, we bring additional services and products to your vehicle. 

Born from a group of automotive enthusiasts who share a passion for cars and autosports. The Motori Auto Group family is the culmination of our many years of knowledge and expertise within the automotive industry.

Location: 27A Harlech Court, Thornhill, Ontario, L3T6L5

Phone: 647 922 0168

Corporation Wear

medium long sleeve with logo
medium vest with logo

Corporation inhouse uniform: Left (Long Hard Shell jacket), Top (Hard Heavy Vest), Right (Light Soft shell jacket).

Place order with Motori Auto Group Divison. Limited quantity available. 

light long sleeve